Is It Possible to Make Money with YouTube Videos?


Google generates revenue from advertisements on videos uploaded by others, but this strategy is effective only when stuff is interesting and informative for visitors and has potential to become popular. It simply means if people stop uploading good videos, there will be loss for Google too; therefore, Google has developed a profit sharing system with video uploaders, so that they can be encouraged to do even better than they are doing now. It is actually a great way to keep people engaged with YouTube and they can have a productive reason to upload content with quality which is beneficial for both Google as well as Uploaders and this is the reason why a large number of people have already engaged in this online money making system and you can be the next.

What you need to do to be part of this business?


If you are also interested to be a part of this business, you don’t have to do something complicated or risky, but you just need to make a partnership with Google and after successful establishment of partnership, you will be known as ‘YouTube Partner’. Sounds good? Well, it is surely a Friendly Partnership, but you must keep in mind that there is a huge difference between an individual uploader and an entire YouTube System, therefore, you need to accept a few simple conditions.

Agreement between the two partners

When you show your interest to become a partner with YouTube not to mention it's a good way to make money online right now, you have to accept some rules and conditions given by Google and it means you will allow Google to use, distribute, reproduce, prepare derivative and display the work you have uploaded in form of videos and to do this, you will grant a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide and transferable license.


There are a lot of benefits you can get from YouTube, but it is also important to keep in mind that Google has been constantly upgrading its services and making changes to its policies to provide even better services to its users, so you can’t expect to see the things same forever. Maybe one day you wake up in the morning and come to know that strategies you have made for promotion of your videos have failed due to the recent updates. Therefore, it will be really important for you to be fully updated with Google’s updates, so that you can make money online with YouTube videos and get maximum benefits.


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